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Warlite Security has for some time been reducing its carbon footprint, which in turn reduces our clients’ carbon footprint. We have been introducing GREENER vehicles, GREENER materials and GREENER methods of running our business.

Some of the reasons to use Warlite Security can be found below:

GREEN Vehicles

We have already started changing our fleet of vehicles to low CO2 emission vehicles. We test drove numerous electric vehicles but unfortunately found them to be unsuitable for the services we provide, however, we are confident that the electric vehicle manufacturers will continue to improve the technology and when they do we’ll be ready.

GREEN Vehicle Tracking System

Our real time vehicle tracking system enables us to instantly track and monitor all of our vehicles. The system has features that allow us to see if the driver is not using the fuel efficiently, uses excessive speed or if the vehicle is idling for long periods of time.

GREEN Driving Tuition

The staff that drive the company’s vehicles are monitored using our Vehicle Tracking System and, should it be necessary, we advise the staff how to drive in a more eco-friendly manner or offer our staff professional eco-friendly driving tuition.

GREEN Guard Patrol System

We are in the process of introducing a new guard patrol system where the data collected from the patrol gun is instantly relayed to our control room’s computer system; this allows us to monitor the guards’ patrol times without sending the supervisor to retrieve the data manually, thus saving fuel and valuable time. In addition to this, for the safety of our staff, the patrol gun also has a panic button feature and when pressed our control room is notified and a patrol unit is sent to the location.

GREEN Stationery

We have been recycling paper waste for numerous clients since 1999 and now in addition to this we endeavour to source and purchase stationery that is only made from recycled materials.

GREEN Uniforms

Since forming the company in 1995 we have always removed our logo from our used uniforms and given them to organisations that send used clothing to third world countries. We are also currently looking at uniforms that are made from organic and natural products such as bamboo etc. Samples have been ordered and will be tested for durability and comfort.

GREEN Energy Saving Devices

We have just installed a device called ecobutton™ throughout our office. This is a PC energy saving device that can save up to 135kg of CO2 per year and also reduce your energy bill by up to £50 per year. All new customers will receive one of these amazing devices absolutely FREE! For more information visit:

GREEN Rechargeable Flash Lights

We have always used rechargeable flash lights and when the flash lights become defective they are replaced and recycled.

Let us reduce your carbon footprint and save you money!


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